Commonly customers check out the features they are going to get with a given shared hosting plan and tend to forget something just as essential - the service uptime. As effective as a plan could be, regular downtimes may lead to lower search engine ranking positions and lost potential customers no matter what the explanation for them may be. Naturally, very few people would come back to a website that is inaccessible half of the time, not mentioning the wasted capital if you've invested in an advertising campaign. This is why, whenever you purchase a new web hosting plan, you should ensure that the service is going to be stable and your Internet sites will be online always. This means more traffic, or in case that you've got an online store, for instance, higher uptime means happier clients.

Service Uptime Guarantee in Shared Hosting

When you purchase a shared hosting plan from our company, we guarantee that your sites will be up and running at least 99.9% of the time. We have practically eliminated the hosting server downtime by using a sophisticated cloud hosting platform where individual clusters of web servers handle every portion of the overall service - files, databases, e-mails, and so forth. In that way, if there is a problem with a web server, the other servers within the cluster shall simply take over and your internet sites won't be affected whatsoever. To avoid any infrastructure difficulties, we additionally have diesel-powered backup generators and a few independent Internet providers. Experienced professionals check the servers 24/7 to sort out any software problems that may appear while hardware and software firewalls shall prevent DDoS attacks against the servers.